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Fuel Injection Specialties™ 2012

Welcome to Fuel Injection Specialties (FIS), your full service supplier of OEM and specialty fuel systems. For nearly 15 years, FIS has been providing parts and service for fuel injected engines. If you are looking for a wiring harness, a fuel pump or a complete turn-key fuel management system, we can help you.  

At Fuel Injection Specialties, we specialize in the following:


dyno testing & tuning

At Fuel Injection Specialties, we build custom wiring harnesses that will simplify the installation of your GM fuel injected motor. All harnesses built by Fuel Injection Specialties are configured to plug into OEM components at their stock locations. We only use OEM connectors and incorporate factory color-coded wire. The lay out of our new harnesses are configured to install neatly for a show quality look. For quality purposes, all terminals and splices are soldered.

All harnesses, including modified harnesses, are covered with convoluted tubing and labeled for ease of installation. We also include the fuel pump relay, ALDL Connector (Scanner Plug), Check Engine Light wiring, and mini fuse block with all stand-alone engine harnesses.

fuel injector reconditioning

Electronic fuel injectors can build up with wax, varnish, rust and organic matter. This has a major effect on an engine's performance and fuel economy.

Automobiles with Electronic Fuel Injection will not run at their maximum efficiency if injectors are clogged and dirty.

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Whenever you upgrade your engine's performance, you need to re-program the vehicle's computer accordingly. We have the equipment and software needed to make sure that your car is tuned correctly, not just for ultimate power, but for drivability and safety as well.

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