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Fuel Injector Cleaning & Reconditioning in San Antonio TX

Electronic fuel injectors can build up with wax, varnish, rust and organic matter. This has a major effect on an engine's performance and fuel economy. Automobiles with Electronic Fuel Injection will not run at their maximum efficiency if injectors are clogged and dirty.

Fuel Injection Specialties can provide you with a total ultrasonic cleaning and reconditioning service for fuel injectors for a fraction of the price of new injectors.  We clean, test and recondition your old injectors to like-new condition.  Electronic Fuel Injectors that are serviced regularly will perform like new.  Benefits such as easier starting smooth running, better performance, increased gas mileage, and lower emissions are the end results.

Research shows that fuel injectors are unlikely to need replacement during the lifetime of the vehicle when properly maintained by an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Service Program.  Let Fuel Injection Specialties and our trained staff provide this service for you.

Fuel Injectors

FIS's Injector Reconditioning Service

Fuel Injection Specialties' reconditioning service includes ultrasonic cleaning of each injector. This will normally provide an even fuel flow and a good spray pattern thereby assuring delivery of well-atomized fuel to the combustion chambers. Injectors reconditioned by Fuel Injection Specialties will perform like new.

FIS Injector
Reconditioning Process

of the
FIS Injector
Reconditioning Process

FIS Uses State of the Art Equipment

Fuel Injection Specialties utilizes a state-of-the-art New Age 2001 Flow Bench and an ASNU Digital Flow Bench with the Industrial Strength Ultrasonic Cleaner to flow test, ultrasonically clean, and recondition fuel injectors.

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 Disclaimer: “Many parts we sell are not legal for use on emission controlled vehicles and do not carry a CARB exemption number. They are intended for off-road or racing use only. A civil penalty of $2,500.00 can be imposed on the owner of a vehicle for each violation of the Clean Air Act. The only information to use to determine a product's status is written statements by the manufacturer of the products. Fuel Injection Specialties is not responsible for products and services it provides for racing or off-road use vehicles that may be driven on the street.”

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