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Converting to fuel injection has never been easier. Holley offers a wide range of Multiport Fuel Injection Systems to retrofit your current carbureted engine and Fuel Injection Specialties can help you find the right fit.

Holley’s Avenger EFI System bolts on and has self-tuning technology that doesn’t require a laptop. All set up is done on the included hand-held tuner.

For the LS family, Holley offers the Terminator LS Plug and Play Multiport Systems. Wiring Harnesses, Terminator ECU and hand-held controller. No Laptop required.

Do you have a Mopar, Ford or other type engine you want to install multi-port fuel injection on? No problem. The Holley HP universal retrofit EFI kits are designed to be used with any V-8 intake manifold. The HP universal retrofit kits also come with the necessary wiring, ECU, sensors and throttle body. Just select the fuel pump and injectors of your choice and you are off and running.