Fuel Injector Reconditioning

FIS provides superior fuel injector reconditioning service for a fraction of the price of new injectors.
Why Recondition?  Electronic fuel injectors can build up with wax, varnish, rust and organic matter.  This has a major effect on an engine’s performance and fuel economy.  Automobiles with Electronic Fuel Injection will not run at their maximum efficiently if injectors are clogged and dirty.
What we do.  We clean, test and recondition your old injectors to like-new condition using a state of the art GB800 fuel injector service and diagnostic equipment.  The FIS process includes:  ultrasonic injector cleaning, flow testing (volumetric and timed), pressurized leak down testing, spray pattern observation, component part replacement, detailed service report, and one year limited warranty.  Electronic fuel injectors that are serviced regularly will perform like new.  
Benefits.  Easier starting, smooth running, better performance, increased gas mileage and lower emissions are the benefits of reconditioned injectors. Research shows that fuel injectors are unlikely to need replacement during the lifetime of the vehicle when properly maintained by an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) service program. 
FIS offers quick turn around on its Fuel Injector reconditioning service.
Fuel Injector Reconditioning Rates
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